Vangard Logistics - ICD Operations

ICD Operations

India has many dry ports where it needs to connect closest harbour to move shipments to right destinations Vangard Logistics extend support to find a better transit for their customer by setting up a guideline with CONCOR perform on time connections.

ICD would have an automated system of its own with a separate station code allotted by the Directorate General of Systems and with the inbuilt capacity to not only enter examination reports but also to enable assessment of documents, processing of manifest, amendments, etc,

Vangard Logistics would take charge of movement of goods from a port or airport to an ICD such movement is covered by local procedure evolved by the Commissioner of Customs and covered by bonds, bank guarantee.

Vangard Logistics takes responsibility of post shipments documents after safe delivery of valuable goods. Our customs team would monitor, release these documents such as bank guarantee and liner bond executed on behalf of customers.